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Tversity playing Mp4 on XBOX 360?


I been using Tversity to stream to my Xbox from my PC. I am able to play all of the video format I have except Mp4. Ive been playing with the settings but I still cant get it to play. I also read that if Windows media player is able to play it on my PC, then I should be able to stream it to the Xbox. Yes my WMP on my PC is able of play Mp4 but still I cant get it on the Xbox.

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  1. Try putting the MP4 files into a folder, and when you add that folder to your library in TVersity, set its properties so that it will always transcode the files. (you can also try setting this in TVersity’s general settings under Transcode.)

    It might also be a codec problem. Most of the TVersity forum posters recommend the CCCP codec pack for TVersity – even preferring it instead of the included TVersity codec pack.

    Combined Community Codec Pack : [url is not allowed]

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