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ps3 controller wont charge, light, connect on mac.?


I just purchased a used P.S 3 controller and tried to connect it to my Mac to charge. NOTHING HAPPENED. I used a wall charger nothing happened. I went and returned it, got a new one, NOTHING HAPPENED. I went and got a new cable, mini USB. NOTHING HAPPENED.

I would be okay, if I could find the problem but I have no idea what the problem could be at this point.

PLEASE. If you have any experience or advice. Please.

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  1. USB ports on a computer won’t deliver the required volts for the internal battery to charge from. However, you can download a driver o your PC/Mac that allows either of them to use the PS3 controller as an input device.

  2. Plugging the controller into the computer doesn’t do anything, or not much.

    You need to know your Mac(or PC) model, and version, and google search for the controller drivers , designated to allow the controller to run on Mac

    I use the sixaxis controller on Windows 7 (PC)using a thing called

    “SCP” or something, it makes windows thing a xbox controller is attached.

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