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Playstation 3 controller help?


hi im having a problem with my ps3 pad its only 6 month onld one day the analogs started going wild moving by themselves i couldnt even use it because couldnt move but wen i put another control pad on aswell as that the analogs stop going mad but then non of the buttons work for example the x circle trianle well all of the buttons on the front of my ps3 pad any help please

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  1. Sounds like your DualShock is knackered, that’s the reason that’s happening, it’s moving all over the place lol, it’s probably fell of one of the little plastic guides inside, you could open it and try and fix it, but that could ruin it all together, buy a new one first 🙂

  2. You dont have to but ide buy a new controller and open that one up and try to fix it

    go buy a cheap one

    [url is not allowed]

    its white xP

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