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My Xbox 360 wireless adapter is not being detected on my console. What can I do?


So I just bought my xbox 360 wireless adapter one week ago and it was working just fine for about 3 days. Now the adapter displays a “red steady light” and when I run “test connection” the result displayed is the wirless adapter is not connected. But it is and the read light is on. Before I would turn on the console and the adapter would turn on red then in a few seconds turn green which indicates it’s connected. Nothing is wrong with my linsys router. It’s just not being detected as connected to my console. Do you think it’s a hardware problem and if I exchange it with another xbox 360 wireless adapter it would work?

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  1. The red steady light generally means “hardware failure.” In your case, it’s your adapter not your console. Try to gently jam the adapter in to see if that works. If it doesn’t, I would exchange it for a new one.

  2. Make sure that the adapter is connected to the right spot. it most probably should be connected to the usb port for the connection on the back next to the phone jack port.

  3. same thing used to happen to me make sure the ip and dns settings are correct if not its probably the wpa key or wep key i would suggest to put the ip and dns settings on automatic

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