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Huge PS3 problem! Please help!


Ok so I made a new user on my PS3 but then before I copied over all my game save progress I just deleted my old user. I just lost all my progress including my MGS4 which I just got and was pretty far. No I went to system settings and it said backup utility do I want to do that will do anything? Because it says I still am using the same amount of memory as I was before it so that means that my game saves are not permanatly deleted. How can I get this data back or am I screwed?

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  1. dude how will buying an xbox prevent him from accidentally deleting his game info. at least with the ps3 he doesn’t have to worry about sending his console to M$ every week because of the RROD!!

    ps i love getting xbots angry 😉

  2. you are sappoussed to back up your files first to a memory card or externalHDD. and your game saves dont transfer over anyway. unfortunate i know. i bought a 2 gb sony duo so i could take it to my buddys with my saves on it.

  3. The screwing falls upon thee, get an xbox. Not a fanboi just stating the already obvious. MGS4 is still a great game though.

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