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How do I transfer stuff from my Computer too my xbox 360?


Guys, girls, i was just wondering how too transfer stuff from my computer too my xbox 360, like music and stuff like that, it says i Need windows media center, which i had installed on my previous dell computer but i had too get rid the vista on it so i reformated it too xp, if anyone knows anything, you’ll be doing me a big favor. (ps. I dont know if my media center is still installed i went too the xbox site ex. xbox.com/pcsetup, and i click on the media center but it says i have it installed and just too use the update, But too me i don’t see it installed anywhere) Thanks 🙂

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  1. to start. TRAVIS V. the xbox has 2 usb ports not 4.

    this is what you do

    1. download the progam VLC360 ( i googled it and found quick)

    2. run the program and then open you windows media player.

    3. under the library tab, select media sharing

    4. you will see your xbox 360 there, click and allow to share

    5. turn on your xbox, go to media, where it usualy just has your hard drive as a media source, now has your computer.

    open up the file and every song, movie, and picture can now be opened on your xbox 360.

  2. To get music on your Xbox you have to actually burn the CD and rip it to the 360 HD.

    You can also watch movies and stuff on your 360, All you have to do is go to the Video library, and select your PC from the list.

    [url is not allowed]

    ^ That link will show you how.

    Finally, if you didn’t know you can Plug in your ipod to the USB port in your 360 and listen to music on it 🙂

  3. Nelson-

    Hi, my name’s Cody, and I’m working with the Windows Gaming Outreach Team to help answer questions that users might have.

    You don’t need Windows Media Center to connect your PC to your Xbox 360. The Zune software, Windows Media Player 11, and even some third party apps should be able to handle it! Here’s a great site that’ll show you how to connect your XP-run PC using the Zune software or WMP 11: [url is not allowed].

    I hope this is helpful!



    Windows Gaming Outreach Team

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