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How do I change the nat type on my ps3 from 3 to a lower number?


Can some one tell me step by step in extreme detail how to lower my nat type on my ps3

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  1. A NAT type is a level of security not a number.

    It’s either: ‘Open’ or ‘Secured’.

    #Open: Allows all connections, making your eligible to becoming a Host if you have a good connection.

    #Secured: Disallows certain connections, making your chances of being a Host impossible.

    You need to open up command prompt: CMD

    type: ‘ipconfig’ then press enter.

    Then scroll down to find 3 IP addresses, Look for the Default Gateway: Copy the IP address into the address bar on an internet browser like you would http://www.google.com, press enter, there will be a

    Username: Company name (eg; Virgin for Virgin Media Broadband)

    Password: default password is: password or admin or your own.

    Go to LAN settings, there will an option to change your NAT to secured or open. 🙂

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