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xbox friend list disappeared?


If your a xbox live member then you know that it went down for a short amount of time today. Well when i got back on, it was glitching out really bad. I could not accept any invites and i could not send them to any of my friends. THen i went and downloaded my profile again thinking it would solve my problems but it didn’t. I talked to my friend and he can see what im playing and everything but he cant send me anything. I even went on his profile to see if he had a friends list on my system and he didnt. So i dont thing that it is a profile thing but i have no idea. I dont understand why he has a full friends list on his system but no matter what profile i go on on my system, i dont have a friends list. Does anyone know what i can do to be able to send and receive invites and get my friends list back. And my friend already tried removing me from his friends list and then sending me another invite, it wont let him delete me and i cant add anyone.

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  1. Hey bro, same thing happened here I am so upset I just hope and wish that is a xbox problem what they are fixing It was fine all week until this morning when I could see my friends but I couldn’t send any messages to anyone so I turned of my xbox turned it back on to realize my friends have disappeared worst of all of it I can’t add them back. but and Great, well not great but comfortable to know I am not the only one.

  2. Yah same thing happened to me too. Have a friend delete you, then for you to re add them, sign out and then sign back in. I tried it and it worked temporarily(however it messed up again moments later.) PS your friend may not be able,to delete you for some odd reason.

  3. xbox live is down it is doing its maintenance alot of ppls friends lists are gone give it time it will come back

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