Home Xbox Forum Xbox controller shuts off when i press RT button?

Xbox controller shuts off when i press RT button?


im playing call of duty the only controls i need for this eh level is

to move and to shoot (RT button)

whenever i shoot it shuts the controller off.

anything else doesnt make it shut off only when i press RT.

it has full battery i’ve tried resetting the controller etc nothing works.

and as far as i know it hasnt been dropped on the ground.

ive searched around but cant find any similar problems to mine

any idea what it is?

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  1. Return it to Microsoft, hopefully you will get refunded. Is it only on Call of Duty?

    Good luck knifing them


  2. i think it has faulty programming if this really is the problem then u should return it to the retailer shop or microsoft get an exchange or refund, or maybe u should make sure that no one small had tampered with your controller

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