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Xbox 360 Overheat – Adapter Problem?


So lately my Xbox 360, like many others, has been overheating (shutting itself down with 2 red blinking lights) and I feel my Xbox afterwards and its not hot at all, not even warm, but the adapter is mildly warm. About a a month ago when my Xbox 360 was working fine it shut itself off for the first time and the power adapter light went red instead of green or orange (it doesn’t do that now, it stays green / yellow when it overheats), and ever since then its been continuously overheating about once every hour, I even have a fan directed at the Xbox 360 and the power adapter on full power and it still overheats in about an hour.

So I’m thinking that the power supply is the problem? I’ve also heard other people on forums & websites saying they believe its the adapter.

So if this is the case, which adapter would you recommend me buying? I would go to Microsoft but my warranty is expired and they want to charge me $79.00 to fix the power adapter or $99.00 to fix the console + adapter.

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  1. if you don’t want to wait just buy new adapter and the inter-cooling system in best-buy store or best-buy.com its cheaper than fixing it.

    if you dont want to do that buy a new XBOX and a new replacement plan to get the best XBOX and replacement plan is in Best-buy.

    That happened to me a week ago and i got a new XBOX because of my replcement plan you cn renew your plan but not in best buy only in microsoft.

    But if you want to get a replacement you need to sent your XBOX to microsoft as an repair order and than they will decided if your XBOX is fixable or lost product if XBox is n lost prduct thn you will get new XBOX with 1 month free of XBOX Live.

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