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Killzone Shadow Fall Review


Killzone Shadow Fall is nothing short of breath taking, weather it’s inside a corridor or out in a beautiful forest. The future looks very bright in terms of looks, for the PlayStation 4, if Shadow Fall is anything to go by. But sadly looks do not make a game, game play does and Killzone does little to differentiate itself from any other shooter.

Killzone Shadow Fall has a modest 8 hour campaign that becomes almost painful to play. Not because its bad, its just very boring. Levels start to blend into each other and there are only a few standouts that are far spread out. If you can follow the mediocre story, good for you, but once you get half way through the game, you just want to finish it and could care less whats going on. The only thing that Killzone manages to do is show of the pure power of the PS4 and it does it seamlessly.

Missions are drawn out way to long and out stay their welcome. For example, one of the most jaw dropping levels in the game takes place in a forest and starts out very fun. But the lack of the mini map makes it very hard to know what you are supposed to be doing. You can click up on the D-pad to bring up a way point, but it blends into the environment and is very hard to see. Then toward the end of the mission, once you figure out where you are going, the game throws hordes and hordes of enemies at you to the point of aggravation. Not because its hard, its just severely boring. I could point out a number of times when this happens and all of them are equally as bland. It just sucks that the game depends on throwing waves of enemies at you to make it longer.

Another thing the campaign does far to often, is it will put you in this cool situation, but the lack of responsive controls makes it a chore to do what it wants you to. This only happens a few times, but its a shame, since these moments are supposed to be the funnest in the game and really show off the games graphics. For example, about halfway through the game you are sky diving down to earth and once you break through the clouds you can see a massive city that has just been bombed. Your objective in to fly through this city weaving under, over, and around buildings. It took me at least 10 tries to complete this 3 minute segment. This is due to the most unresponsive controls I’ve ever experienced.

Killzone Shadow Fall’s campaign is something that you could totally skip and you would never regret it. But I could almost say its worth a play through, just to see the stellar graphics.

Multiplayer in Killzone is what you’ve come to know from any first person shooter these days. The biggest draw however is its War-zone mode, like previous games. War-zone mode puts 4-6 game modes in one huge 30 minute game. It keeps you on your toes and never feel boring.

Killzone Shadow Fall has surprisingly ditched a ranking system and has unlocked all guns from the get go in multiplayer. Instead, they implement a new challenge system. There are over 1500 challenges and they range from simple things, to somethings you actually have to try and do. I’ve experienced that just by playing normal you complete challenges. So instead of showing a rank next to your name, it shows how many challenges you have completed. Its an okay system, I think they should keep it, but I really think they should add a ranking system, just to keep things from getting boring.

Overall Killzone Shadow Fall completely missteps and ends up being a game that is passable. Yes, its a fantastic looking game, but unless your interested in spending loads of time in multiplayer(which I am), I would recommend skipping Killzone Shadow Fall.

Story: 5.0

Game play: 7.9

Graphics: 9.2

Sound: 8.0

Multiplayer: 8.3

Replay value: 7.5

Final Score: 7.7

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