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Is there a way I can mod my PlayStation 3 (PAL – U.K) to become a multi region DVD player?


I know on some stand alone players it is as simple as entering a code with the remote and also people are able to mod consoles in some very imaginative ways, is there anything that can be done? Obviously the easier the better but would appreciate any help. Also any other modding ideas you know off the would benifit me? Many thanks.

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  1. For the cost of a multi-region DVD player (£20?) it really doesn’t seem worth risking your warranty etc on the PS3.

  2. if is cheaper to buy a new multi region then mess with your, you will void the warrant and be out player all together

  3. Modding your ps3 is a violation of the EULA that you signed by pressing “X” when you downloaded and installed the firmware. If you do it, the least that will happen is Sony will ban you from the playstation network, including all online games. If it even works.

    It would be a silly risk to take just to overcome region coding.

    The ps3 is not just a console, it is a computer, and it runs on an OS that is regularly and frequently updated. You can’t change either the hardware or the software, without Sony catching on and disabling your mod in the next update. Any mod, hack or exploit that you can find out about by posting online, Sony would know about too.

    If you’ve gotta mod something do it to a PC dvd drive, or a standalone dvd player. Or just buy an all-region dvd drive for your PC.

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