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iPhone 4S case or Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle?


I was wondering on what I should buy myself for Christmas. I recently picked up an iPhone 4S on launch day and I’ve been buying cases like crazy and was looking into getting an Elementcase Vapor Pro Extreme Metals case that retails for $149.99, and getting some other things. But, I’ve always wanted an Xbox 360 and since I can afford it this year I was thinking about getting one the Holiday Bundle to be specific which is a steal for 2 great games included and that would be $299.99. Any suggestions? I’m sure most will say Xbox but I can’t decide lol

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  1. Whats up , i would chose the xbox 360 if it was me, with forza 4 , cod mw3 , gears 3 just coming out , this is the best time to grab a 360.

  2. Buy the Xbox. If you have more than a couple of iPhone cases, you’re wasting your money. Buy one good case for your phone and stick with it.

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