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If I put a hard drive on my xbox 360 4gb,will it be able to play xbox games?


Okay,so I just bought an xbox game from the Xbox 360 marketplace,GTA San Andreas.

By the way,I have a 4gb Xbox 360.So every time I try to play the game it says that I “need a hard drive in order to play xbox games”

I also have a 4gb usb flash drive.So,can I use an old xbox 360 hard drive?I don’t want to use the slim hard drive because they are way expensive!

And I know what you may be saying right now,”the xbox 360 slim does not work with the old xbox 360 hard drive.”

Well I actually found a video on youtube where you can put an old hard drive into the new xbox 360 slim.Here’s the video.

[url is not allowed]

So yeah,the question is If I do this with my xbox 4gb slim,will it be able to play San Andreas from the marketplace?

Or do I need The hard drive that is supposed to go with the slim,you know,the 250 gb.

By the way,can I just use a regular kind of screw driver for that?

Here’s the video again,thanks.

[url is not allowed]

I’d rather buy a 60gb xbox 360 hard drive for $30 and do all this,then waste $120 on the 250 gig one.

[url is not allowed]

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  1. It is possible, but tampering with it like that can get you banned, which would make owning the Xbox a waste. Plus since it is an a unofficial thing, you still probably won’t be able to play the game

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