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Xbox 360 – Skyrim: Quest: Waking Nightmare?


I am on the quest Waking Nightmare. I play on the xbox 360 and I activated it. Erandur and I went to the tower. I got the next part and it’s to follow him in. But when I went inside he is gone, on the map he appears in a dark area. I read up and from what I seen this is a common glitch among skyrim players. (some get lucky) well with PC you can just put in codes to get to him or w/e, how the hell am I (a 360 player) going to get to him? I know he opens the back wall and I can’t. I seen something where I could glitch through the wall and run to him. but I don’t wanna resort to getting stuck inside there and have to restart the game. I don’t have any saves before starting the quest. After I got frustrated with that quest I went off and did Thieves Guild so all my saves are after the Guild Quests. lol So anyways. What can I do to fix this? I hate leaving quests undone like that.

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  1. I play on Xbox and didn’t have any trouble with this quest but why can’t you just save now and try to get to him? Leave the temple, save, reload and see if any of that works.

  2. Sorry man, but from what I’m seeing, there doesn’t seem to be a work-around for non-pc versions. I play on the 360 and have done this quest, but thankfully for me, it didn’t error. Here’s where I always go for any elder scrolls questions/references.although on this one you may be SOL

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