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Xbox 360 elite HDMI vs non HDMI?



I just bought the xbox 360 elite. I am going to use it on the TV with NO HDMI capability. I was wondering are the games really that different in HDMI than normal?

And FYI I am going to get a HDMI TV in November and I am willing to wait. I play only on the weekends so thats not a big deal.

Thanks in advance

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  1. YES there is a huge difference between HDMI and non HDMI with both sound and Graphics, sound is always a big deal when playing games so if you have a headset use HDMI because the sound is incredible.

  2. Honestly there isnt THAT much of a difference between component and HDMI, but there is a difference.HDMI looks slightly better plus you can adjust the reference and black levels with HDMI

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