Home Xbox Forum Whats the lifespan of the new Xbox 360 slim?

Whats the lifespan of the new Xbox 360 slim?



  1. aparenly these onesz aren’t supposed to break but i dont buy into microsofts bullshit, so. im giving it a couple years.

  2. Nobody can be sure but at least Microsoft fixed a few of the biggest issues the older model had. The older model was designed badly. Its basic design made it hard to cool parts that would great really hot. It isn’t the first time a console maker made this mistake!

    The original PS2 had to deal with Laser Failure due to the heat of the CPU or GPU heating up the drive.

    The Slim model has some big improvements in cooling design so if nothing breaks [think a fan fails] it should run fine. Even the best designed system can fail.The Slim is allot better then the old model!

    That is all you should know 😉

  3. really really long time i left mine in for four days straight ha ha (i was on vacation) that fan actually works!

  4. I prefer the Jaspers since they run cooler and have a less failure rate out of the rest of the 360’s including the slims.

  5. They say they don’t break, but to be honest Microsoft isn’t the safest company in terms of hardware reliability, so I am hoping they don’t break but I think they will after a year or 2 of use

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