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PS4 or Xbox One *HELP DECIDE*?


I am really confused in making the correct decision, i own both the Sony Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. Now it’s time for a new console. Money isn’t really what matters in the decision because Xbox one is only 100 dollars worth more. I need someone to tell me why i should buy the PS4 or XBOX ONE, i don’t want to end up making the wrong decision

It would be helpful if you guys could tell me; the key new features, comparison

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  1. there’s no wrong decision here just so you know. They are relatively similar as far as hardware goes, at least what they’ve said about them. Idk if xbox is still doing the whole use a disc once thing but me personally, i would rather go ps4. the ps4 seems to be more focused on gaming while the xbox one is (i believe) supposed to be the all in one share whatever you’re doing fun for the whole family thing. Doesn’t matter though cause i’m moving to pc gaming, and not getting either console for at least a couple years. Yea suck it microsoft and sony no money from me.

  2. I’m going with the Xbox One! The reason is because I’ve been with Xbox/Microsoft since the first Xbox and they haven’t disappointed me yet. And I don’t think they will either. PS4 is a little more powerful but Xbox does everything PS4 does but more. (Voice commands, entertainment, best online network, dedicated servers)

    I would like to say I have nothing against Sony.Let’s put it this way, n

    Both consoles will be great.

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