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PS3 – GT5 Save Data Help!?


Alright here is my story.

My first PS3 was the “fat” one (like most people) and I bought Gran Turismo 5. I loved that game! I literally almost completed the whole game and had millions of credits (dollars). I played it so much that I slowly started to get bored of the game. A couple months later I sold my “fat” PS3 because I didn’t play it that much no more. Months later the PS3 slim came out and I bought it and I normally just use it to watch Netlix but recently, a friend is getting me interested in GT5 again. So I bought GT5 for around $20 and was exited because I was gonna have millions of credits and a lot of cars I was going to be able to use against my friend online. When I got home and did the 2.05 (I think. It’s the most recent) GT5 update I came to find out that I had to start from zero with 20,000 credits and zero cars.

How can I get all my stuff back? I’m using the same PSN ID (it’s the only one I have).

You can see all the stuff (I had) through my friends account, he goes to GT Mode and chooses Profiles, and then he clicks on my name and it shows up all the stuff I had a while ago.

Please help me get my stuff back because I really don’t want to or have the time to get all the cars (like 100) and credits (about 7 million) I had!

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  1. Hey mate, did you copy your GT5 save data from your fat ps3 to another hard drive or usb stick? Because if you didn’t i’m afraid all you GT5 data went with your old fat ps3 as it’s not saved to your psn network name.

    Your friend can see it because he’s looking at your player history, cars lap times etc.

    With all games that you enjoy playing you should back up the save data to a external hdd or usb stick, in case your ps3 dies or for situations such as this.

    Best of luck

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