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:”( new xbox 360 help?!?


/: well first off i wanted an xbox 360 for the longest time and i got it a WEEK ago and now im worried

🙁 i usually play 1 hour a day 5 days a week, but it’s winter break and i have nothing else to do and i just got three games ( nba 2k12 , saints row, and saints row 2) i played about 3 hours last night and probably eight or so hours today! 🙁 i know , i know, should’nt have done that. and i’ll add that it’s laying flat just for yesterday and today because i can’t set it vertically here but it usually is. so i was playing nba 2k12 ( or at least attempting to ) and it said that the hard drive or whatever was either damaged or unreadable 🙁 i freaked out and reset it. this happened about 4 times then i just blew on it and turned it off. did i break it in any way? has this happened to yours? what do you think the maximum amount of time i should play on it? can you tell me how to prevent it or improve so this doesnt happen again? is it just nba 2k12 and just needs a break for a while? ( sorry a lot of questions) helpful answers greatly appreciated.

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  1. The xbox 360 overheat really fast, so make sure you dont play more than 3 hours straight and place it in a cool room , if your xbox 360 is already damaged then sell, btw if you can sell your xbox 360 and get ps3 then do it because on PS3 you can play up to 5-6 hours straight everyday without a proplem

  2. I play my xbox alot and have it down not up once I had it up and it fell Once thought I broke it it just broke my game and wireless adapter a 160$ value in the garbage

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