Home Xbox Forum Jtag hacked xbox.what does it mean.?

Jtag hacked xbox.what does it mean.?


How can a xbox be hacked.onw of my friends have a xbox 360 4gb slim.he said he hacked his xbox.named jtag.i dont know much about it.will it be safe to hack my xbox too.what are the advantages of hacking it

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  1. It means the Xbox has been modified illegaly, usually for hacking / cheating / boosting. People use them to host MW2 10th prestige lobbies, glitch hacks & derank other users.

    If you go online with a modded Xbox you’ll be permanently banned very quickly.

  2. It allows the xbox to run unsigned code, or homebrew. Some homebrew consists of MW2 hacks. It is not illegal, but yes if you go online you’ll be banned. You can unban them for like 40 bucks but it’s not worth it because you’ll just get banned again.

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