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Has any one had a xbox 360 less than a year & it broke?


HI, My husband bought his xbox last march. Today it stopped working. If email microsoft will they do any thing about it? I feel really bad b/c I got him 4 games for xmas. This is really frustrating you pay 300.00 for something & you expect it to work longer than 9 months.

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  1. They have a 1 year warranty on the Xbox 360 so definitely contact microsoft! Most common problems are the red rings of death and the ejection mechanism not working, both are covered by warranty.

  2. All Xbox 360s have a 1-year warranty, so unless it’s apparent somebody broke it on purpose or through carelessness Microsoft should repair it. And yes, they aren’t the best made pieces of equipment. I’ve had more problems in the 2 years I’ve had the 360 than in nearly 20 years combined with Nintendo systems.

  3. You’re still under warranty so repair is free. If it died of 3 red lights, you’re covered for 3 years for free (any other failure is 1 year’s free cover)

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