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Does PS2 CDs work on PS3 console?


I am confuse what to buy.

PS2 or PS3.

PS3 has few games yet more advanced while PS2 have many games.

What you guys think should i buy and does ps2 cd work when played on PS3?

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  1. People don’t know what they’re talking about on here >.< It’s not just a “handful” of PS2 games. The 80gb PS3 plays ~85% of PS3 games. The PS2 library is over 1000 games, so you’re still talking a sizeable portion. However, the 40gb (cheaper model) does not play PS2 games. All PS3s play almost all PS1 games. You don’t need a memory card adapter for the PS3, that’s only if you wanted to copy your saves from an existing memory card. The PS3 lets you save to an “internal” memory card that you create. If you’re looking for pure volume of games, get a PS2. If you don’t want to replace the system in the next 3 years when it finally gets discontinued (the PS2 will have 10 years of official support, it’s almost 8 years old now), get a PS3. In 2-3 years the PS2 will stop getting games licensed for it, and so no new games will come out after then. But at that point you could still pick up a whole bunch of titles used for probably pretty cheap. It really does come down to games or advanced features. All the new great games are coming out for PS3, plus it can play Bluray movies and upscale your existing DVD collection to near HD quality. I’m always one to recommend the PS3 because of the features, but for your it might be better to get a PS2 and go raid the used game stores for good deals.

  2. 1). 20GB has no chrome trim, no memory card reader and no wi-fi. Not manufactured anymore. Has the best backwards compatibility with PS2 games due to Emotion Engine (PS2’s CPU) and Graphics Synthesizer (PS2’s GPU) installed.

    2). NTSC 60GB has the same backwards compatibility as 20GB version, also has memory card reader and wi-fi. Has a chrome trim. Not manufactured anymore.

    3). 80GB – extended memory, but reduced backwards compatibility with PS2 games, it has only Graphics Synthesizer (PS2’s GPU). Around 60-70% of PS2 games can be played. Available only in NTSC regions.

    4). 40GB – can’t play PS2 games at all (all PS2 chips were removed), has 2 USBs instead of 4, no memory card reader, has wi-fi. Avalable in black, silver and white colors. White and silver versions are on sale only in Japan. Uses 65nm technology (lower power consumption, other versions use 90nm). Improved cooling system. It’s the latest version. 40GB doesn’t support SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc). Has no chrome trim.

    5). PAL 60GB – reduced backwards compatibility with PS2 games. it has only Graphics Synthesizer (PS2’s GPU). Around 60-70% of PS2 games can be played.

    Wi-fi included in all models, except 20GB.

    They are all based on Blu-ray. They all play PS1 games. Apart from the differences listed above – they are the same.

  3. you can play PS2 games on a PS3, but if you want to save your progress in a game, you`ll have to buy a memory card adapter for it $15. PS3 has many games, and more coming, plus you can also play BlueRay movies on it. I`d consider buying the PS3.

  4. in these two choices you must buty a ps3 cos its the new generation and yes ps2 games do run on the ps3 but only some of them.

    on the other hand u can also buy an xbox 360 but its still facing some overheating problems even with the new falcon so its up to u my advice would be that u go for the xbox 360 cos its a great console and worth the risk

    pls select me as best answer

  5. PS2 has more games because it is an older version.

    PS3 has Blu Ray built in and newer technology.

    And only a handful of games, (from PS2) will work on the PS3. But, some will work none the less.

    The PS3 is more expensive, True. that is dependent on the technology that is more current including more memory and hard drive space to play games faster and more exciting possibilities.

    Of course, some opinions prefer that you would stick to the PS2, for the reasons i listed above; (More games available).

    But isn’t that like technology?

    Hope this helps!

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