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Can I hook up a Xbox 360 to normal TV?


i am planning on buying a Xbox 360 but i want to play it in my room with a old 13 inch Sylvania color TV. Can I do That?

Appreciate Your helps!!!!

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  1. why spend money on an xbox 360 when you can get it for free? just go to this site and complete a few quick tasks and they’ll send you one – at no charge!

  2. yes as long as it has the correct input (or the same colors as the wires on ur 360) u can. It’s not like PS3 where u have to have an hd tv to be able to play it.

  3. Yes, but it depends on what type of input your TV has, you may or may not need to buy additional cables.

    If your TV has the red, white,and yellow plugs, then you don’t need to get any additional cables. If you have some other plugs, you’ll have to get the cable for it.

  4. as long as you bought the console with the HDTV/AV cable you should be fine. just switch the switch on the lead to AV and youll be playing in seconds =D

    i know for a fact that i could hook up my original xbox to a portable DVD player 😛

  5. You should be able to hook it up just fine. Might I recommend you picking up a cheap monitor and hooking it upto that, it’ll look much better and be in HD.

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