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About the XBOX 360 Slim?


When I’m on my XBOX, and I click the XBOX button, the writing is a little bit blurry, but the dashboard, and the game aren’t blurry at all. I’ve got the TV settings on 1080p, so I don’t see why the XBOX button menu writing should be blurry, Why is this?

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  1. Mine actually does this too. I think it may just be like that. Not a problem with your tv/xbox.

    You could try changing it to 1080i, but 1080p is better so I don’t think it would help.

    Has it recently been like that or have you had this problem since you got the xbox?

    If all fails, ring microsoft and ask them about this.

    Good luck.

  2. Let’s just call it the Xbox. And you have a lot of question you should call Xbox support so you can get a legit answer.

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