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A few questions about xbox live?


1. How much will it cost me per month? per year?

2. If i bought like a regular xbox, what more things do i have to buy to play live? (ie headset, adaptor etc)

3. What can you do on xbox live besides play online and have a profile?

thank you

ps anyone know if halo reach will bundle with xbox when it comes out?

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  1. 1. Having an account on a silver subscription is free. Gold will cost you 8 bucks a month or 50 bucks a year.

    2. You need a hard drive and a connection to play on XBL. You can use a wired connection using an ethernet cable or you can buy a wireless adapter for 80/100 bucks. Headsets are optional.

    3. Download demos, go on XBL Marketplace, TV show/movie downloads/rentals.

    4. Doubt it. Stores usually only bundle the games that don’t sell well with consoles.

    In a response to Justin’s answer, he is right. However, ODST isn’t a brand new game. It would take at the very least a few months for Reach to be bundled.

  2. i have to disagree with legion on number 4, they are currently doing a bundle with ODST and xbox elite, and odst sold very well.im sure that they will do a reach bundle soon or not to long after reach is released

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