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xbox 360 (red ring of death)?


where do i send my xbox now it has the red ring and as my warranty has run out will i have to pay

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  1. OK here’s the deal. send it in telling them it has 3 rings, (you get an extended warranty) and it should be free. Same thing happened to me, so i lied to Microsoft, and now my console is on the way back, fixed.

    [url is not allowed]

    That should get you started.

  2. if it says standard warranty expired dont woory call 1-800-4myxbox ask for technical support teall a lady all your info they will send you a box so you can send it in for free it takes about a month and is quite stupid that micrsoft didnt debug it

  3. DO NOT BUY A PS3!

    Contact microsoft [url is not allowed]

    And explain your problem to them and eventually they will send you a Box/coffin to send your xbox to them for replacement/repair.

    It will cos £60/$85

  4. Well, The standard warranty (which I think you are thinking of) lasts one year, but cover for the red ring of death is 3 years. If you bought it (and have proof) less than 3 years ago, you can phone Xbox support (UK Freephone 0800 587 1102) and they will send a box round to your house to pick ur xbox up in. If you are outside the 3 years, you will have to pay about £50 or $60 to get it repaired.

  5. well you have to call 1800-4my-xbox and ask them how much you have to pay and where to send it in. you also have to have it registered. once you call them, they will tell you everything you need to know. one more thing if you have one out of four rings flashing, you might have to pay $99

    I Hope I Helped

  6. get a guide and you can fix it yourself – $20 + cost of guide. i got mine from [url is not allowed] and fixed it 6 months ago – still all fine

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