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Xbox 360 Burning Smell?


the unit itself is only a few months old and was hardly ever used, so I think it could be the “new xbox smell”, though I’ve also used it a few times before and never noticed this smell, but then again, I was in an open space and I wasn’t near the power brick.

normally, I wouldn’t be worried, since there are some people who had the red light, and yet only needed to cool it down for it to work again, BUT before this I accidentally plugged it into a 220v outlet, and the smell was pretty intense especially since I was in a small, air-conditioned, closed room, and I think I might have even heard some crackling in the brick. I turned it all off and plugged it into the proper 110v outlet, and it all works fine, but when I put my nose close enough I can still smell the same scent. It’s kind of become the brick’s “default” smell (though less intense), but then I’m not sure if it hadn’t always been like that, because like I said, I never go the chance to really smell it until today, when I tried it out in a new place.

any advice? 🙁 I’m too scared to use it again, since I don’t want to mess it up ; _ ;

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