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will ps3 games be released now?


Hey guyz I am going to buy ps3 next month as ps4 is our of my budget is it worth to buy ps3 will new games will be released for ps3 or they will stop making games for ps3 as did for psp please answer fast do I buy itt amd I want to know more about ps3 are theyy now asking to buy playstation plus to play online or can play free can I play online from cracked games?.

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  1. they will keep making PS3 games for another year or so. but there’s still all the old games that you can choose from. and you don’t currently have to get playstation plus to play online on the ps3, only for the ps4.

  2. According to Sony the PS3 will be supported until (the end of) 2015. Plus there’s also the hundreds of existing games that have already been released. On PS3 PlayStation Plus isn’t required for online multiplayer but it is required on PS4.

  3. Unless its outrageously expensive just save for a bit to get a ps4 the ps3 is going to lose support in the near future so your best bet is to save for the ps4. Near future means next 2 ish years maybe less depending on how fast people buy new consoles.

  4. New games for a time will be released for the PS3, but at some point probably within the next 2 years, new games will stop going to the PS3. Also there is a high chance that some new games coming out will not be able to be supported by the ps3 due to the high graphics and can only run on the PS4.

  5. Currently their is not one game out for PS4 that the PS3 doesn’t have, it seems like they will still be designing PS3 games for maybe just a little longer, don’t be surprised if the PS4 comes out with a game that the PS3 doesn’t have, that will happen, but besides the point they will still be designing PS3 games.

  6. Don't let anyone fool you. I wnt to a store this day and i saw a great game selling for the ps2 metal gear solid 2. We are already at ps4 time! You know like 10 years have passed yet they make ps2 games so they don't lose money and people. Don't be scare of wasting money and trust me I'm not buying next gen in a few years! Too many problems and stuff to fix. Go and buy your ps3 and check out IGN and Angryjoeshow at youtube for the best and worst games reviews so you can make your mind.

  7. They’ll stop making PS3 games in 4-5 years.

    Dont worry, get the ps3 and wait for the ps4 to have a price drop.

    There’s no games for the ps4 atm, anyways, lol.

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