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why do xbox gamers get the map packs a month earlier than us ps3 gamers! i think alot of us wanna know : )?


i think its unfair ps3 gamers have to come second best to the xbox. WHY WHY WHY!!

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  1. Microsoft paid activision to have them one month earlier so that they could get more people to buy X-box 360’s, they of course said it was for the community, but when the adverts where released, they weren’t really advertising the game, they were advertising the console, and one of the hit words for this was “Only on X-Box360” but too be honest mate, don’t worry about it, it makes no difference what so ever, the prices are both the same, well, the Bops pack is slightly more expensive on X-Box than PS3’s will be due to TreyArch saying their price was fair, but microsoft said they wanted extra for hosting the servers in the X-box store thing (read about it online) Sony/PSN said the TreyArch RRP was fine. 🙂

  2. simple : microsoft gives activision millions of dollars to get a time limited exclusive on dlc.

    money talks , and microsoft has more money than Sony to bribe developers like this. get used to it , they’ve got this deal for all call of duty games.

    if you don’t like it buy a different game like kz3 or mag.

    it works both ways. ps3 got exclusives with batman arkham asylum and the best version of mass effect 2.

  3. Microsoft made a deal with Activision to have the map packs come out first on Xbox 360. It’s just a business model to screw us PS3 users. You know how greedy Bill Gates and his evil Microsoft empire is right?

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