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Which ps3 game should i get?


I am looking for a game with great replay value, online play + story line. I have a $50 best buy gift card laying around and want to get some opinions on what game to buy. People have been suggesting killzone 2, red dead redemption, infamous, etc. I really have no idea what to spend it on. help mee 😛

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  1. Red Dead Redemption is great. Probably one of the best games that came out this year. It’s a fairly long game and the Undead Zombies multiplayer is pretty fun. If you’re looking for a sandbox/action/adventure game this is definitely a title you won’t want to miss.

    Little Big Planet, Final Fantasy XIII, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, CoD: Black Ops, Grand Theft Auto IV, Dead Space, Uncharted Series, Street Fighter IV, Bordelands, and the Ratchet and Clank series are all excellent titles you could choose from.

  2. $50 thats not alot,

    well you can buy mw2/black ops, btw mw2 is $20 cheaper than black ops.

    MW2 vs Black ops

    story line: MW2

    campaign missions: black ops

    replay: both


    online variety:black ops

    Extra game mode(zombies vs spec ops):ZOMBIES

    so you can decide.

    if you wana buy another 1 with mw2 get fallout 3 or infamous

    or you can w8 for dead space 2,that shud b good

  3. I think Red Dead Redemption has awesome replay value (you just carry on from where the story line ends and continue with side quests and challenges) and the multilayer isn’t bad either.

    Borderlands might also be good, its more of a co-op than online though. all of the guns get really addictive eventually, and like Red Dead Redemption when you finish the game you start from the beginning but keep your level and weapons , the enemy level is just increased.

    Battlefield bad company 2 has a crap story line but is amazing with the multilayer. lots of good map packs and DLC as well.

    You could also just wait until the 18th of January when mass effect 2 comes out as well as little big planet 2 which i think will have crazy replay value and will definitely keep me going for a while.

    Look into some games that interest you and maybe you will find a similar game that suits you.

    good luck with the search.

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