Home Xbox Forum whats the difference between xbox 360 elite and pro?

whats the difference between xbox 360 elite and pro?


what does hmdi mean and if i want to play the 360 online do i need to buy xbox live

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  1. i answered this on in my last one.

    hdmi is a type of chord u would use on a plasma/lcd hdtv. sends a cleander signal to it and its less chords in a snake pit. but only get it if u have a tv compatible with it. and they are extremely expensive. for a decent one it would cost 80 bucks by “rocketfish” found at best buy and such.

    and yes. in order to play online with other ppl or friends u need to buy it. the price ranges from which membership u get.

    here are the prices on bestbuy.com

    [url is not allowed]
    is that good?

  2. Elite has 120 gb hard drive, HDMI=component-composite cables, and it’s black.

    The premium has 60 gb hard drive (newer ones) and 20 gb for the older ones. It’s white and only has component-composite cables.

  3. Pro has 60 GB hard-drive

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    Elite has 120 GB Hard-drive

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    HDMI>>>>>Xbox 360 HDMI cable: New to Xbox 360, HDMI enables a single cable to deliver HD video (up to 1080p) and multichannel surround sound.

    (so that’s if you want to hook it up to an HD TV and/or sweet sound system)

    And yes you need to get a subscription to XBOX live to play online.

    You can get 1 yr for $50.00,+ one month free with any new x-box 360.

    You can buy cards and go month to month, but that costs more in the long run.

    for more info this is another great site

    [url is not allowed].

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