Home Xbox Forum What is the best gaming (CoD) headset for xbox 360?

What is the best gaming (CoD) headset for xbox 360?


I am looking for a surround sound headset for xbox 360 that is somehow related to CoD because I play call of duty.

The price shouldn’t be to high so maybe around 100 dollars. the absolute maximum is like 120 or so.

please answer ASAP

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  1. U should get the turtle beach x32 or any turtle beach.just go on turtle beach.com and u will see all the headsets they

  2. Turtle beach. They are hands down the best headset company for Xbox. ^ Just like he said the x32’s are a great headset. There are also the X12’s which are $80 they are the exact same as the X32’s except the X32’s are wireless and cost $100. If you need anything else just ask me on Xbox, my Gamertag is sincitysnakeyez.

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