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what hard drive should I get?


I have an xbox 360 e. 4gb. Some games I just purchased take forever to load and I realized it says hard drive required.

Would I be better off getting a bigger xbox? If I do will I still need a hard drive? What type?

Thank you 🙂 xxx

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  1. If you plan on using your Xbox for gaming then you will need a much bigger hard drive than 4gb, most games are 4gb alone. I myself have a 250gb hard drive which is more than enough considering I’ve had my Xbox for 2/3 years and I still have 95gb space. It all depends on How you plan on using your console and How long you will be using it for. If it’s long then I recommend a 250gb hard drive but if you don’t plan on buying too any games there are smaller ones like 60gb

    Hope this helps

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