Home Playstation Forum Should i get Skyrim on Xbox 360 or PS3?

Should i get Skyrim on Xbox 360 or PS3?


i already preordered it on Ps3 like 5 months ago but i can change it.

Which one would it be better on?

I dont have xbox live or psn if that matterz


I never played an elder scrolls game before.

What exactly is Skyrim about?

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  1. Well it really depends. Games like fallout 3 and fallout new vegas both got the DLC first on xbox 360. And since skyrim is published by bethesda like those games its DLC may be timed exclusive for xbox. But you will have to wait until closer to release for that info. Also skyrim is probably a large game so it might be several dvds for xbox while it will be one blu ray disc. So there is possibly points for both. Right now just stick with the ps3 version until everyone gets the DLC info, if that even matters to you. Other than those two things the game will be identical on both consoles.

    And I don’t really know the story. But you can read the wiki in the link below for that. I do know it has dragons and dual welding weapons and spells. The last elder scrolls had a huge world to explore with tons of NPC characters and quests to do. Im sure this game will even better in every way.

  2. 1. Definitely stay with ps3. the graphics will be better and most likely all around less glitchy.

    2. Out of curiousity, why dont you have psn? XD its free?

    3. Skyrim is the the sequel to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The games of the elder scrolls series are RPGs but they play more along the lines of a sandbox game. If you wanna play the game, ignore every quest, and kill every single person you come across. You’ll be free to do so.

    But the story is based two hundred years after oblivion in which your player finds him/herself fighting off the Daedra invasion (which are practically demons to the elder scrolls universe). In skyrim however, that invasion is ended and you find yourself amidst the return of dragons to Tamriel. Not much is known about the story other than our character will be Dovahkiin or dragonborn (a person born with the soul of a dragon which allows you to use the same powers dragons can.) and that the game is said to start off as you’re being lead to your execution.

    You can do pretty much anything you want, if you want to make a living being a thief, or assassin, you can do so. If you simply want to make enough money to get house, a job, and a wife. Again you can do so. The possibilities of the game are endless.

    Hmm dont know if i left anything out, but again. i HIGHLY suggest ps3, because even if the dlc comes out a little later than xbox, you’ll end up with an overall better product.

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