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Salvaging parts from a broken PS3 due to YLOD?


I want to know if I can do something to my broken PS3 (due to YLOD btw). I have decided not to repair it since it does not seem worth it to me (warranty is long gone) and i feel that it is a waste to just throw it to the garbage bin. Any parts I can salvage to be used on maybe my PC or something? Currently I am using the controllers to play games on my PC but I am looking for answers on the PS3 hardwares inside the black box. Thoughts?

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  1. May i know sir if what type of fat ps3 you have? Is it 60 gigs, 40 gigs, or 80 gigs version? Maybe you can post it in ebay so others can buy and repair it. Is it the first time to have the ylod? If its the 60 gigs version, its really a waste not to repair it, coz 60 gigs is the best of all the ps3. It can play all types of ps games, from ps1, ps2 to ps3, and even upscale the games to 1080p. Though heat is unbearable in fat ps3 if you have a closed room.

  2. You can use the hard drive, you buy an enclosure for it to hook up to your computer. Your best bet would be to sell it on Ebay because there is a lot of people out looking to buy a cheap ylod ps3 to fix up. If you decide to fix it yourself get a good guide and its not that hard and to me it would be more worth it than salvaging the parts from it.

    Here is an awesome guide to fix the ylod: [url is not allowed]

  3. What makes you think that your PS3 is dead when it has YLOD. YLOD can be repaired easily and for very cheap. I understand that our PS3 is not in warranty anymore so Sony will ask you $150 + shipping for repairing it. Why don’t you fix it yourself instead of trying to salvage parts. Hell, why should you pay for Sony’s mistake.

  4. Your best bet would be to sell it on ebay or something like that. If you do so, don’t expect to receive much money for it. As for saving parts, I can’t really recommend something like that. I would suggest you leave it all intact and selling it.

  5. The parts of the PlayStation 3 except for the hard drive and maybe the Blu-Ray drive are absolutely no use to a PC, they aren’t designed or able to connect to a PC. It’s a much better idea to sell your PS3 for parts/repair on something like Kijiji/Craigslist or eBay. You’ll probably get $50-100 for the broken console and them someone else will use the console for parts to fix another PS3 or fix the console themselves.

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