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Ps3 wii and 360 why should we need to stop arguing over which is better?


I think we all should stop arguing over which is better I had expirence with all 3 gaming systems they all have games that ppwwnn hard like 360 has gears of war and halo series and ps3 has uncharted and god of war and the ratchet and clank series and wii has the super smash bros and the legend of zelda series i like all of them but my favorite has to be playstation. Give your reason why we should stop. No! Rude answers

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  1. They all have there flaws although wii seriously isnt in the picture lol no system is better i own both when i get tired of 1 i go to the other ps3 has better features(ex.internet browser,blu-ray etc.) and also better graphics.while xbox has better online experience(ex.xbox live parties,better marketplace,etc.) imo theres no real winner

  2. All 3 have their advantages and their good games. And what if a previously exclusive game goes multi console? Like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, on a different console, Sonic the Hedgehog, and recently, Metal Gear Solid? What about those? Multi console or not, they’re still good games (talking about Crash, Spyro and Sonic. Haven’t seen any of that new MGS game to have an opinion of it) and don’t drop in quality for just be on a different console. Games like Prototype, for examples, have a good amount of polish and is multi console. Anyway, back on the original point: All consoles have their good and passable titles. The consoles themselves are different and have their differences, advantages and weaknesses. They are all good, but flawed, but none of them are bad. People have their preferences. Let’s just leave it at that and stop waving around opinions like facts.

  3. Well we should stop because its completely pointless. Everyone is going to have their own opinion regardless. ppl get attached to a certain system and try to burn all the people with hellfire who talk trash about their favorite system.its a never ending cycle. Thats why everyone should just get a ps3.then we could all be happy

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  5. Ps3 is best by far. for me though im a little biased cause i hav had a ps1 and ps2 in the past. ps3 has better games (i think) and far better commercials. The arguing will never stop though, cause they are all good systems. It really is based on personal preference

  6. i dont think the argueing will ever stop. because all of the opinions are going to be bias in some way. everyone wants to have a purpose and represent something significant. i love videogames, have been playing them since before the ps3, 360, and wii were even thought of. i even play all the pc games i can, and even though i owned the wii and 360 first i still will defend the ps3 any cause i can because as i use the systems every day, the ps3 is better and a more significant machine for my home theater. while my 360 is great for halo and gears of war, my ps3 does everything else. oh, and the wii is at my friends house >.>

    anyways, thats why it wont stop, you can obviously see that i even put bias remarks in there about the ps3 anyways. but as for your question, i think it would be great if we all could get along because we are all gamers. even though we play on 3 different systems, we all play games and have alot of experiences and knowledge we could share with eachother.

  7. everyone should stop arguing over it and bring all the systems together and make one really awesome system that everyone will love 🙂

  8. I agree that all 3 systems have some great games but I actually think that Wii is the best since it started the motion controls with the NES Power Glove (which sucked) and improved it a lot with the Wii and plus Nintendo’s been creating video games since way before PS3’s grandpa the PS1 and I think that Microsoft isn’t really cut out to creating games since X-Box sales are horrible in Japan and they have a lot of bugs still in the X-Box systems, and unlike the X-Box and PS3, people could play Wii games for hours and it won’t overheat as fast. The only bad things about the Wii are the graphics (gameplay takes too much room), the lack of games, and the quality of games, every time there’s a game for the Wii and another system, the other system always gets a better score even if it’s the exact same game, so why is that?

  9. yeah i agree but wii doesnt come into this conversation!! wii will stick with versing pc. LOLOL now for the main competition; xbox 360 and ps3. i personally think ps3 is much much better. i think ps3 and xbox 360 should stoppp fightingg and gang up on the wii 😀

  10. Mainly little kids or lowlife adults will argue about this because they have never tried the other consoles. Me personally I have all 3 and they are great in their own way but as long as there are consoles there will be “console wars” lol

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