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PS3 Slim disc drive broken.?


My PS3 dropped on my carpet with the disc half-out, and I assume due to the fall it was forced in (PS3 was off at the time), I pressed eject and it made the regular ‘no-disc’ beeping noise, i turned it on and edged around inside with thin tweezers and the disc came out normally. But trying to put it back in wouldn’t work as something is now blocking the way inside.


I take it I have to pay a hefty sum and wait like 6 months for it to be fixed or something then?

It’s under warranty as i’ve only had it 3 damn months.

Any good news out of this and what’s best to do? (eg: not tell Sony I broke it?)

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  1. you’ll have to unscrew your ps3 and take it out manually. also before doing that id recommend buying a 10gb flashdrive and backing up all your data then restoring your ps3.

  2. just take it back where u got it from and say u had a accident.

    warranty will cover costs. not like u did it delibrately.

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