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PS3 problem?


I just got a PS3 but the picture does’nt come on my tv. I connected the AC power cord and the AV cables. The power comes but when I turn on the PS3 the picture does not come to my tv. What’s wrong?

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  1. First of all make sure that your ps3 is is fully plugged and that everything is working. Try changing your settings. Different settings like s-video, hdmi, and others can cause it not to show. If that doesn’t work try pluggin it to a different tv and then see if it works. If you still don’t have a picture, take it back and get the ps3 replaced or the video cord.

  2. Turn the whole system off. Put your finger on the power sensor, and hold it on the button until you hear a second beep (blue and green light as well). There you go.

  3. This happened when I first bought mines but if your read the manual it’ll show you how to reset it. Its only like that cause its programed to the HD cables. I dont have an HDTV so I had to reset it so it goes back to just regular imputs. Also, make sure you got the TV on the right channel.

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