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Playstation 3 error 8002d23?


It ALWAYS signs me out, i’ve unplugged the modem, i have 2 routers so i’ve tried both they booth havent worked, its very frustrating any ideas on what i can do guys?

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  1. First, let’s do some basic checks:

    (I know, I know, these are all amateur checks, but sometimes the problem can be simple)

    – Check your internet speed at http://www.speedtest.net (Should be at least 10MB)

    – Check how far the router is away from the console, and the signal strength. (Preferably, it should be at least 95%)

    – Check to see if you can browse the web via the web browser. If you can, that means that your PS3 is connected to the web, it’s just a problem with PSN, or your PSN account.

    – Check that the Network Settings are all default, and start over and re-connect the wireless setup.

    – Check to see that when you are trying to connect to the network, the green WLAN light on the PS3 is flickering. (If it isn’t, then it could be an hardware problem).

    If all these are all working fine, and you’re still having trouble connecting, contact Sony PlayStation. The number for customer service is on their website.

    Another thing to take into consideration is that Sony do PSN Store updates, so that might affect signing in online. Just wait an hour and try again.

    Hope this helps bro 🙂 Good Luck!

  2. try using an ethernet cable. The error is most likely connectivity loss or server time-outs. a wired connection might help

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