Home Xbox Forum player on xbox live whos harrasing me?

player on xbox live whos harrasing me?


i filed a complaint on xbox live about a player, i was wondering, is the player notified that you sent a complaint? or review?

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  1. First post is right. You never know when someone reports you, or when someone from microsoft is reviewing your account. Obviously if a lot of players report you then they’ll take a look in and might even view you while you play. If its just one person they’ll look into it but not take it as seriously unless you state they are hacking the system. Just block the guy and move on so you don’t have to play with them.

  2. Yes they do, contrary to popular belief. I filed a complaint when a fellow gamer was dropping n bombs while playing a live game of Kung Fu Panda against my 8 year old son once and he traced my IP and set my house on fire. I haven’t played Kung Fu Panda since.

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