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Look inside,it’s interesting!!?


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yoo see,this link confirms that the PS3’s OS (operating system)is the linux,then let’s do some math about the PS3’s cell cpu=

8 SPUs

8 SPUs=1 SPU for the XMB=7 SPUs

7 SPUs=6 for games=1 SPU

1 SPU=1 SPU for the OS (operating system)=0 SPUs

and don’t say that the XMB is the PS3’s OS,the PS3’s OS is the linux(as I mentioned above in the link),so there’s no free SPUs in the PS3’s cell cpu for backup,Right?


  1. Read your own source, please. “Speaking to GameSpot, he claimed that the PS3 will be able to run Apple Mac OS X (Tiger) and Linux operating systems.”

    WILL BE ABLE TO. The thing doesn’t run on Linux and never has. In fact, the PS3 ships with neither OS X nor Linux installed. You have to do that yourself.

    The actual operating system of the PS3 doesn’t have an official name. it’s just referred to as System Software and the XMB is the GUI for the System Software OS.

    Also, I think you mean SPE, not SPU. It’s synergistic processing ELEMENTS, not units. The eighth SPE is disabled to improve chip yields. Only six SPEs are accessible to developers for use by games (but are NOT, as you seem to think, reserved exclusively for games, and most games don’t even come close to using them all) as the seventh is indeed reserved by the OS.

    Basically, you have 1 for the OS, and 6 shared by games and other processes.

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