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Latest PS3 model – Is it the slim?


My ‘fat’ PS3 has just had YLOD so instead of paying £100 to get it fixed I thought I’d just get a new one for about £150.

As my old one was only 60GB (original console) the 120GB slim model would be enough, but when I looked at them on the GAME website I saw they were released in 2009, so it made me wonder if there was any newer models available to buy in the next couple of months or even early news on a PS4 (I doubt it).

thanks for any help

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  1. They don’t sell the 120GB Slim any more it was discontinued unless its preowned. You have to either go for 160GB Slim or 320GB Slim. Theres rumors of new PS3 models coming out. As for PS4 thats the last thing on Sony’s mind. It will be a few years before we hear about it, last i heard they have currently suspended it to focus on the NGP. PS4 won’t be around for at least another 3/4 years maybe more.

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