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Killzone 3 or Crysis 2 for PS3? And why?


I don’t really care about graphics but as long as I can see my enemies because Black Ops’ graphics were horrible, especially when looking for the other team because its soo hard! but overall the multiplayer gameplay would be 7.5 out of 10. so which has better multiplayer gaming experience? Oh and the less cursing the better unlike Army of Two which was BEAST but the over cussing was annoying 🙂

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  1. it is a hard decision to i understand, me persionaally id play crysis because i have played killzone 2 and didnt get into it so i dont expect much from 3

  2. I say Crysis 2 because i just got and i think its awesome but it can be a bit buggy so if that bothers you dont get it

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