Home Playstation Forum is this ps3 hard drive compatable?

is this ps3 hard drive compatable?


i need a new hard drive for my ps3 and i was thinking of getting this one [url is not allowed]


i’ve read that as long as its 2.5” SATA with 5400 RPM it should be compatable, but i’ve also heard it needs to be SATA 100 (or 150) this one is sata-300 does this matter? also i’ve read it needs to have 4 pins on the hard drive is this true? help

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  1. It is fine. The reason they tell you that is because the internal fans are built for the 5400 RPM hard drive. There are also guides on how to remove it and put it back so nothing is messed up. I did it myself using a video guide on YOUTUBE. It is pretty easy and this is another reason why PS3 is better than XBOX. If your hard drive is corrupted this is the perfect opportunity to fix the PS3 rather than buying a brand new one.

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