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I just don’t see how people say xbox live is far superior than the psn?


I got Resistance 2 today and i am impressed, 60 players on one map with no lag what so ever.(by the way never has been done on a console, only on computer games have you been able to play in 60 man matches) I mean how the hell did they do that? I was a little skeptical about the MAG trailer 256 player matches. I was like that would be impossible to play with the lag, but i really do think sony can pull it off. I just don’t see how xbox live is way better than the psn when xbox live lags sometimes with 4vs4 gears of war(well this was back then before my game got scratched up when moving my console while still having the game on and before i decided to sell my xbox 360) I’d say psn and xbox live are pretty much the same. what does a xbox live have that the psn doesn’t. Besides the fee to play games online. I’d say they are about equal now.

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  1. It is superior, just not greatly superior. They are basically the exact same thing, but Live is a bit more streamlined.

    But the fact that your getting PSN for free is really good, I prefer it over live.

  2. Have a PS3, but the Lives voice chat is crystal clear, while the PS3 not as much, but the PSN is free of Little kids trying to act all tough though

  3. I am a proud PS3 owner and supporter. Two of my good friends have XBox 360. I believe that Live is superior, but PSN is closing the gap. Live has a lot more subscribers, but the fact that PSN is free of charge is helping it’s cause. We just need Home to come out to get us to the next level.

    You are right about the amount of people that the PSN network can accommodate. The potential for PSN to be greater is there, as you have noticed. We just aren’t fully there yet/

  4. There really no difference.It just that Live is a littel of bit better than PSN and Resistance 2 is just one game there a whole lot more better games for Live.Yes I hard about M.A.G but it still hasn’t come out and might some Lags.

  5. right on dog if mag succeeds ps3 is front runner in online play lets wait and find out M.

    A.G will be the final blow against its competitors

  6. I too used dont see the difference. The only thing i notice is that Live gots pretty colors and msn messenger. That’s why i sold my 360 and bought a ps3 cus it’s content for 50 bucks sucks.

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