Home Xbox Forum how to fix my XBOX 360 disk tray?

how to fix my XBOX 360 disk tray?


My brother went to play my xbox and opened the tray. Well my 3 year old sister decided she wanted to watch Dora so she screamed at my brother and pulled the disk tray down. it got pulled out of place and ceased to go back in. Me and my other brother decided to open up the xbox and take the tray out. we got stopped short after dismantling the sides and finding we didnt have the tools to finish the job.so Someone said slamming it in would work so i pushed it, wiggled it and hit it as hard as i dared. After many failed attempts of force I decided to look inside. durring my look I saw that the right side (while facing the xbox) was loose and seemed ready to just slide out but the left still seemed in place. But on the left I was wondering if the front gear should turn when pushing the tray in because that might be off. any ideas, i cant send it to microsoft because i live in Africa so its pretty much out of the question.

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