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How do I get sound from my xbox using a pc monitor?


I have a quite old Xbox 360, with all component cables, but I also have an HDMI-cable for it. The monitor has a 3.5 mm audio jack, but it will not send sound to anything I plug into it.

I have tried using the trick where you remove the plastic from the part of the component cable connector which you plug into the Xbox, so that you can have both the component cable and an HDMI cable plugged in at the same time. The red and white component cables are plugged into a female/female RCA adapter, which in turn is connected with a male red/white to female 3.5 mm jack adapter. that I connect a headset to.

This does not work, as the monitor remains black, but if I unplug the component cable, the sceen lights up, and I get video. It seems like the Xbox prioritizes the video input from the component cable, instead of from the HDMI cable. Are there any solutions? Can you help me?

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