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Hooking a PS3 up to an HD TV?


I just bought an HDTV LCD and was told to hook my PS3 into I would need a different set of cables, but the person that told me this wasn’t so sure, so before I went an bought new cables I was wondering if the ones that came with the PS3 are suitable or not.

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  1. they can be cuz i got the same type of tv and if yours has alot of red, white, and yellow cables on the back of it you can plug in the ps3 cables to the first yellow, white, and red plug ins you see

  2. If all you have is the standard (red, white, yellow) cables, it will work, but if you want to get the full effect of your PS3 and HDTV, you need to go out and buy an HDMI cable.

  3. theyre suitable, but they won’t give you the HD output that you want, component(red,green, blue) cables work well, and some people think its necessary to go with the more expensive hdmi cables

  4. The ones that came with your playstation are good enough to carry an HD signal. Unfortunitly the Playstation 3 will not allow an HD signal above 480i unless you have an HD cable such as Component (Red Green and Blue cables) or a HDMI cable plugged into your Playstation 3.

    If you going to buy a new cable I would recommend HDMI as it is all digital. Component is analog so in order for it to get to your TV you must go through Digital then convert to analog then convert back to digital so you get a worst picture quality then with HDMI of course your TV must first support HDMI.

  5. u have to have HDMI cables that can hook up to the back or the front of your TV since thats the only way to get HD and you can get them at your local bestbuy for a variety of prices so check the website

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