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Gran Turismo 5 release and ps3 bundle info?


Does anyone know the latest news? Last i heard it was coming out around Nov 2-4 but now they are saying sometime between Nov-Dec. Also, Wil there be PS3’s bundled with the game? It was a long time ago but i’m pretty sure that when GT4 came out there were special bundles with the ps2.

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  1. The game is coming out around the holiday season. We are assuming that is the holiday season of this year.

    The only GT4 bundle pack I ever remember was only for Japan. This leads me to believe that only select global regions and/or countries will see some form of GT5/PS3 bundle.

  2. i preordered it back in august and it was supposed to be released on nov 2, then about a week ago i got an email about sony moving the release date to nov 17. then i just got an email this morning and they moved it to Dec 7. i heard the reason for the change was because of the ps3 hacks or something and they had to update the game software. and Gran turismo 5 is one of the most anticipated games for ps3 so im almost positive they’ll have a bundle for it.

  3. Since it releases near the holidays, I’d agree with above poster saying there will be a holiday bundle of sorts. Even if not, then I’d still assume there would be one to come out. I haven’t heard anything on one YET, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

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